SPOR Special

  • January - December
  • 1 - 7 days
  • Langfjordbotn
  • Price on request
  • 1 - 20

Spor Special is a nature experience special made for you and your group.

If you want some of it all, or a lot of something and just a little of something else, we can put together a nature experience that fit exactly you and your group. Being out in nature and experience the wilderness is our main goal, and we cooperate with other local companies to make your trip as you want it.

Contact us with your wishes questions about possibilities for an arctic experience adapted to you.

Here are some examples and inspiration for different set up of activities. Further down on the site you will find a overview of our activities.

Example for winter special week

  • 2 days ski touring in the Finnmark alps
  • 1 day dog mushing
  • 4 days back country skiing on the Finnamark highland, skiing from hut to hut

Example for winter special weekend

  • 1 day ski touring in the Finnmark alps
  • 1 day dog mushing
  • 1 day Kayaking

Example for summer Special week

  • 3 days all mountain biking on trails
  • 2 days hiking in the Finnamark highlands, fishing and camp in tent
  • 1 day kayaking
  • 1 day sea fishing

Example summer special weekend

  • 1 day all mountain biking on trails
  • 2 days kayaking camping in tents

Practical information

  • Your options Winter
    • Ski touring alpine
    • Skiing on Finnmarksvidda (the highland)
    • Kayaking
    • Dog mushing
    • Bonfire in the forest
    • Camping in tent
    • Sea fishing
    • Ice fishing
    • Snow cave camping
    • Snowshoeing
  • Your options Summer
    • Mountain biking
    • Peak hiking
    • Glacier hike
    • Hiking Finnmarksvidda (the highland) hut to hut
    • Hiking Finnmarksvidda (the highland) with tent
    • Bonfire in the forest with food
    • Sea fishing
    • Freshwater fishing
    • Kayaking

Andre aktiviteter

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