Spor Learn

Avalanche course basic

  • January - May
  • 2,5 days
  • Langfjordbotn
  • 2100,- NOK
  • 3-12

We arrange the basic avalanche course for you who wants to use the mountains and the beautiful nature for skiing, in a secure way.

In our area we have a fantastic nature with great mountains and snow from October to June. A lot of people wants to go skiing, but feel unsecure about equipment and how to get to the peak and back again safely. Lately it has been more attention on avalanches as a security issue for those how use the mountains. And rightly so! We should roam carefully and safe, so we don’t put our self or others in unnecessary danger.

At the avalanche basic course you learn how to plan your trip and use your equipment, with introduction in avalanche and terrain assessment. The course is with NF educated instructor, and takes place between Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. A lot of the course take place outside in the terrain, learning by doing. We start with a theory session indoor on Friday afternoon/evening, and continues outside in the mountains Saturday and Sunday.

If you need accommodation or are missing some equipment, contact us and we will help you.

The course is held in Norwegian

Practical information

  • Equipment
    • We will be many hours outside!
    • Participants need to have backpack for their equipment, clothes and food
    • You need back country skis or splitboard
    • Beacon, probe and shovel (Can be hired from us)

    If you have any questions about equipment please contact us, and we will help you.

  • General information
    • All our courses are with NF certified instructor.
    • Accommodation and food can be arranged for the course.
    • Spor guiding arrange courses in avalanche, back country skiing and outdoor skills for companies and privat groups.
    • If you want to book a course for you or your company, contact us. We can customize the course for your needs.