Spor Learn

Ski touring course

  • January - May
  • 2 days
  • Langfjordbotn
  • 1800,- NOK
  • 3-12

How to enjoy the ski tour from sea, to peak and back again!

Learn some tricks so you can enjoy your ski touring better. Our main goal on this course is to give you a introduction in how to do ski touring and get some tools to create joy on a trip for you and your group. The introduction contains some tips and tricks on how to make a day in the mountain a bit better and a bit easier.

Some of the topics in the course are equipment, tour planning, skiing technique and a small introduction in avalanche safety. The course goes over two days, from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. A small part of the course is inside, but mainly we are outside, learning by doing and have some theory in the terrain we are talking about.

This is an introduction course for ski touring, so the requirements for prior knowledge to the subject is low. Ski touring/mountain skis, a backpack (about 30L) and good clothes are basically what you need. If there is something of this you don’t have, contact us and we can assist you with hire of equipment. All our courses is held by guides with local knowledge, with long experience.

If you need accommodation or are missing some equipment, contact us and we will help with our accommodation and our rental gear

The course is held in Norwegian

Practical information

  • Equipment

    This course is done trough practical learning, so we are mainly outside during this course.

    Equipment needed:

    • Beacon, probe and shovel (can be hired from us)
    • Back country skis
    • Ski skins
    • Good clothes for a day out in the mountain
    • Backpack (about 30 L)
    • Food and beverage

    If you have any questions about equipment, just contact us!

    If you are missing any of the equipment needed, this can be hired from us.

  • General information
    • All our trips are with guides with local knowledge and long experience in this mountains
    • Our activities is suitable for groups up to 18 persons and families with kids from the age of 12.
    • We arrange both easy and more extreme tours. Contact us for more information and a customized experience
    • Prices per person