Spor bike

Bike expedition in the highlands with a overnight stay

  • July - October
  • 2 days
  • Finnmarksvidda
  • 4800,- NOK
  • 2-6

Experience Finnmarksvidda (the Finnmark highlands) on bike!

En sterk tur med store naturopplevelser og  personlige øyeblikk.

Two days with varied biking through big and flowing highland terrain. When the snow melted from the highslands we got light all day and night, so this will be a trip with no time limits, but the possibility  of the midnight sun. The distance we will cover each day will be between 10 to 30 km, both on and off track.

We spend the night far into the mountains in a cabin or tent, depending on  what trip we have planed. When we plan the trip we adjust distance and terrain to your preferences, so you get the trip that you want. This can vary from easy to very demanding.

When we arrive at the camp the first day, we make dinner together, enjoy the meal and rest for the next day. On the last day we leav the camp in the morning and bike trough the day until we reach our final destination. We do both round tours and place to place trips.

A big trip, great scenery and personal moments.

Practical information

  • Prices
    • 4800,- per person, includes guide and food for 2 days, accommodation in hut or tent in the mountain.
  • Equipment

    Beyond normal bike clothing you need to be prepared for rapid weather changes and possible cold conditions far into the mountains.

    • Bike
    • Extra clothes
    • Wind and water proof pants and jacket
    • Beanie
    • Gloves
    • Backpack with space to carry equipment and your own ration of food
  • General information
    • All our trips are with guides with local knowledge and long experience in this mountains
    • Our activities is suitable for groups up to 18 persons and families with kids from the age of 12.
    • We arrange both easy and more extreme tours. Contact us for more information and a customized experience
    • Prices per person