Spor Ski

Finnmark Haute Route

  • March - June
  • 3- 4 days
  • The Finnmark Alps
  • 7500,- NOK
  • 4 - 6

Our guided Houte Route is an exciting ski tour, that is both demanding and giving and takes you across the Finnmark alps. In essence, Finnmarks own alpine route with 3 glaciers, 4 fishing villages in 3 days.

With a daily crossing of a new glacier, over 1000 m altitude of spectacular skiing, the view of the Norwegian sea in the north and the Finnmark highland in the south, we cross the finnmark alps in three days. Therfore the Finnmark Houte Route is a physical demanding trip, and you need some experience from longer trips in the mountains.

Accommodation are in costal houses in the fishing villages we visit on the coast, so we all sleep in sleeping bags indoor in rural parts of the Øksfjord paninsula. Includet food on the trip is freeze dried dinner and bread. Everyone get their ration before we set off, and carries this in their backpacks.

The trip includes guide, food, coffee/tea and three nights accommodation.

You need to calculate one extra day on this trip because of weather, snow conditions and other unforeseen circumstances.

Practical information

  • Prices

    6900,- NOK per person

    includes guide, freeze dried dinner and 3 nights accommodation

  • Equipmenrt

    This is a demanding trip where we pack and carry what we need over several days, this needs to be balanced with the not having to much weight

    • Beacon, probe and shovel
    • Wool underwear
    • Wool socks
    • Fleecejacket/wool sweater or similar
    • Shell jacket and shell pants
    • Ski boots
    • Backcountry skis
    • Skins
    • Gloves
    • Extra beanie, mittens, socks and wool underwear
    • Drinking botle
    • Down jacket
    • Thermos
    • Backpack minimum 40 liters
    • Sleeping bag
    • Sleeping pad

    If you have questions about equipment please contact us. We have equipment for hire and can help you with questions about your own equipment.

  • General information
    • All our trips are with guides with local knowledge and long experience in this mountains
    • Our activities is suitable for groups up to 18 persons and families with kids from the age of 12.
    • We arrange both easy and more extreme tours. Contact us for more information and a customized experience
    • Prices per person