Hut in the forest

  • January - December
  • 1 - 30 days
  • Langfjordbotn
  • 600,-
  • 4

If you want to go back to basic for a couple of days without electricity and inlet water, this is the hut for you. This hut is the original definition of a hut, basic and cozy. The hut is in a pine and berk forest just on the boarder between the two northernmost counties in Norway. It is good ski touring close to the hut and short way to the mountains and the highlands. The hut has a basic standard with two rooms and an entrance hall. It has two twin sofa beds and one bunk bed. There is no electricity or inlet water, so here you have to make a fire in the morning to get the heat going and carry the water you need. There is not much that beats the sound of a crackling fire as you get ready for a new day or just relaxing in the evening after you just spent one in the mountains. The hut has cookware, oven top with gas, woodstove, and a outhouse.


  • 600,- per night
  • 2500,- per week
  • Bedding 150,- per bed