Spor Glacier

Glacier day trip

  • July - September
  • 8 - 10 hours
  • Øksfjord glacier
  • 1900,- NOK

The glacier daytrip on the Øksfjord glacier goes through varied alpine terrain in the arctic, where the nature is green and rich at the sea and barren, blue and beautiful up at the glacier.

We start of with a boat trip in “Isfjorden” (ice fjord), with the glacier towering over our head. The route goes into a small valley where the landscape is characterized by the near present of the glacier. You will experience wild and steep peaks, nunataqs and big boulders that the glacier has formed and moved over the years.

The entrance of the glacier is at 800 meters of altitude and we enter the glacier as a rope team. You will be introduced to the use of crampons, ice axe and how to be a member of a rope team. And if there are time and the conditions allow it, you will also have the opportunity to do some ice climbing.

If it is agreed on beforehand and the conditions allows it, it is possible to plan a trip to the highest point of Finnmark that is the top of the glacier (1191m). This is a bigger trip and we need to calculate more time before we are back.

From February to June we use skis on the glacier, and in July to September we use crampons and walk on the blue ice that is only visible in this period of the year.

We arrange trips for fixed groups on the dates that fits for you (minimum 3 participants), and we have pre planed trips on set dates where you can enter and join in a group with others.

Practical information

  • Prices
    • Day trip glacier hike 1800,- NOK per person (minimum 3 persons in a group)
    • Day trip glacier hike to the top of the glacier: 2100,- NOK per person (minimum 3 persons in a group)
  • Equipment

    To hike on the glacier can be cold, even in summer. The weather can change rapidly, and the extra clothes you bring will then give you protection. We must be prepared for this, no matter what the weather is like when the trip starts.

    • Necessary glacier and safety equipment will be handed out by the guides before the trip starts. And everyone carries theire own equipment (crampons, safety harnes and ice axe)

    Recommended clothing at the start of the trip:

    • Wool under wear
    • Wool socks.
    • Fleece jacket.
    • Windproof jacket and pants.
    • For a glacier hike we recommend good hiking boots, with a stiff sole. This is to handel the terrain and the crampons.

    Extra equipment:

    • Beanie, gloves and extra socks
    • Rain jacket and -pants
    • Down jacket or similar
    • Backpack (min. 25 liter).
    • Hot beverage and packed lunch, enough for the entire day in the mountains
    • Drinking bottle with about 1 liter of water/soft drink

    If you have any questions about equipment, please contact us

  • General information
    • All our trips are with guides with local knowledge and long experience in this mountains
    • Our activities is suitable for groups up to 18 persons and families with kids from the age of 12.
    • We arrange both easy and more extreme tours. Contact us for more information and a customized experience
    • Prices per person